30 Days of $Zero: Day 6

Yesterday was my first trip to any store in... ::gasp:: one week.

I tried to avoid it, but we were in need of eggs, cheese, elbow mac and a can of cheese soup (My coworkers have been begging me to bring in my signature Mac-N-Cheese Mini Muffins before I transferred units, and if I didn't, they might not have let me make it out of the hospital alive).  I have also noticed Lucy displaying some increasing anxiety in the car recently and since we are planning a 6 hour road trip to Pittsburgh this weekend with her in tow, I wanted to find something that would help.  I have done some research on Bach's Rescue Remedy for Pets and thought this might be worth a try.  More on that later...

Anyway... Kevin decided it would be best if we went together so we could keep each other focused and get out of there with only what we truly needed.

We went to Wegmans.  I was like Christmas.  Bright lights, shiny things, delicious looking food, sale, clearance, buy me buy me buy me!

Miraculously, we were able to make it out of there with only the items on our list, plus a few apples and oranges "for Kennedy" (ahem.  so Kevin could play with his new juicer).  The cheese and Bach's Rescue Remedy were about $25 combined and the eggs, pasta, soup and fruit were just over than $10.  So all told, we were in and out for under $40... which isn't great, but is a drastic improvement from my normal Wegmans shopping trip.

So, there you have it.  My first shopping tripped as a reformed saver.  I survived.  And so did Wegmans.

As for Lucy's new car anxiety... I'm not sure what the cause is.  I mean obviously the car (duh) but I can't pinpoint an incident that waould have been particularly traumatic for her.  No accidents, loss of control, swerving or any other issues that I am aware of, although I am sure riding in the back of the car and not being able to see what is going on may feel much different than being behind the wheel.  Heck, I  dislike the loss of control when Kevin drives and I ride in the passenger seat {{it's like he can't even SEE the line on my side, GAH!}}.  She still seems to enjoy car rides.  I take her with me when I pick Kennedy up from the sitter (also helps me to avoid the urge to stop and shop since I would never leave Lucy in the car alone).  She always runs over to the car and jumps right in.  But once in the car, she smushes herself up against Kennedy's car seat as tight as she can and just looks scared and uncomfortable.  Within the last week, she has even started to shake, it seems and earlier today, she actually jumped into Kennedy's car seat as I backed out of the driveway (Kennedy was not in it, thank goodness).  It definitely seems to be getting worse.  Needless to say, I'm puzzled and it makes me so sad!

I have tried to desensitize her by bringing her in the car more often, talking to her while I drive, offering treats and lots of praise, but nothing seems to be working.  So onto Bach's it is.  This is a natural, herbal remedy that had great reviews, as far as I could tell.  I will be trying it out this week in the hopes that we have a smooth and stress free drive to Pittsburgh this weekend.  Fingers crossed!