30 Days of $Zero: D-Day

Welp... today is the day. 

Last night, I dreamed about  swimming in a pool of Starbucks Non-Fat Chai Tea Latte with 1 pump of pumpkin.  It was glorious.  My dream then turned into a nightmare when Zulily, Target AND Kohl's all decided to have the sale of the century.  I may or may not have woken up in a cold sweat.

Like any true addict, I had one last Starbucks drink that I purchased yesterday (I told you, I bought 2!!) stashed away in my fridge, for emergency purposes of course.  Surprisingly, I was able to leave it there, knowing I would much rather have it on my way to work when I would have to drive past my favorite coffee shop.

I quickly surveyed my nearly exploding refrigerator, pantry and deep freezer and took a deep breath.

I can do this.

I made breakfast for the mini-monster and I, brewed a cup of coffee with my previously neglected Keurig and went on about my day.  We watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together, played in her play room and took a nice, long (3 HOUR!?!?!?) nap.  All in all, it was a pretty good day.

I removed myself from my 12 (count them, 12... yikes!) buy/sell/trade groups that I had joined on Facebook.  The GAP one hurt a little.  And I somehow managed to make it through the afternoon without checking Zulily one time.  Not once!

Before work, I warmed up my Starbucks chai that I had been saving and breathed in the delicious aroma.  I am sure going to miss this.  Then I headed in to work.  I chatted wiht my brother on my way to work and actually drove past Starbucks without even noticing.  Amazing what a little distraction can do.

So that was it.  That was day one.  Nothing catastrophic.  No melt downs, break downs or psychotic explosions.  No withdrawls (although I am slowly savoring a chai right now, so tomorrow may be different), no shaking, crying, dressing up in disguise and sneaking off to Target incognito and no stealing anyone else's coffee.

I made it.  Day one.  Zero dollars today.  And you know what?

It wasn't that bad.  :)