Babywearing Week

Babywearing?  This is a thing?  Umm... yes.  Not in a Lady Gaga meat wearing sense

Eww.  But yes.  I have been wearing Kennedy in various wraps and carriers since she was just a few days old. 

She has always loved it and, truth be told, so have I.  I love feeling her close and it just melts my heart when she falls asleep on my chest or against my back.  I also love having my hands free to cook, clean, shop or... in the case of my oh-my-god-I-have-to-turn-in-this-8-page-paper-TODAY freak out last week, I love being able to pop her in the Ergo on my back and type away.  Sometimes daddy even gets in on the BW fun... usually when I am at work and K is being Captain Cranky Pants, he can put her in a carrier and go about his business while she falls asleep.  Our ring sling has been a lifesaver on vacations and especially in the airport.  It is a breeze to get through security, smushes easily into a diaper bag and enables me to be hands free to deal with all of the paperwork, luggage and other airport hassles.  :)
As you can tell, we are big fans!

So to celebrate Babywearing Week, we will be attending a few events this week and we couldn't be more excited!  Tuesday, we will meet up with some other babywearing mamas at the zoo.  Thursday at the park for a walk and Friday we will be modeling our favorite carrier (Ergo) in a babywearing fashion show.  We are very excited!

If you have any questions about carriers, wraps or babywearing in general... let me know!  I love to spread the word about BW!