My FB status today read:

THIS is what 700-800 ounces of liquid gold looks like on it's way to the National Milk Bank.

I am very blessed and fortunate to have had a very easy time with breastfeeding.  We have never had a problem latching or nursing and I have always had not only enough milk to support my growing baby girl, but I have been able to build a pretty sizable stash of extra milk in my freezer.  Actually, I was able to look into donating some of it.  And by some of it... I mean about 7 gallons of it.  Wowza!  I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself and my body.  What an awesome gift!

After several weeks of screenings, questionnaires and tests, I made my first donation to the National Milk Bank.  The Milk Bank will use the milk to create life-saving feeding supplies for NICU babies.  I am blessed and honored to be able to be a part of something so wonderful.  I plan to continue to pump and donate as much as I can.  Cheers!