Kennedy's 12 Week Check In

I am happy to report that Kennedy's first (and second) days with the sitter went wonderfully.  We are blessed to have found an in-home daycare provider who loves what she does, loves the kids she watches and is just all around fabulous.  Regardless of how awesome she is... it still stinks to have to leave my baby girl and yes, of course, I cried the whole way to work.  I wonder how long this will last, lol.
Aside from that whole pesky work full-time thing, we had a great week!  We even went pumpkin picking on Thursday!  So fun!!

How Big Is Baby?

  • Kennedy is probably 12 pounds by now.  She is my little double chinned chunker
  • Mostly 3 month clothes.  Some 0-3 and some 3-6.  She is actually starting to outgrow some of her 0-3 and 3 month clothes.  Big girl!!
  • Full time cloth diapering. One size and smalls.
Development & Milestones
  • Kennedy is a slobbery, slippery, drooly, slobbermouth.  It amazes me that she can soak through her shirt in minutes.  She is going to have to live in a bib.  I don't think she is teething just yet as she hasn't displayed any other symptoms... but the drool... oh my goodness!!
  • She is crazy about her hands!  She loves chewing on them and using them to bat at her toys.  I love watching her explore and learn.
  • She is verrrrry close to rolling over.  She gets up onto her side, but can't quite get all the way over just yet.  I give it a few more days to a week or so.  She seems pretty determined.
  • Nursing is great!
  • Pumping at work is umm... interesting.  But going well.  Thankfully my stash continues to grow.  I will have to post a pic soon... our freezer is almost completely full and looks ridiculous!
  • She is doing great with the bottle and did great with the bottle for the sitter also.
  • Sleep is getting much better.  Still not more than 4 hours at a stretch, but she seems to be sleeping better and more rested.
  • Naps have been good.  Usually when Kevin leaves for work in the morning, he puts Kennedy in bed with me to nurse then she stays there and snuggles and naps with me.  This is my absolute most favorite part of the day.  We cuddle and she talks and giggles then eventually falls asleep for an hour or two.  I just lay there and stare at her for a while then usually doze off myself for half an hour or an hour.  Pure bliss.
PP Mommy Check In
  • Down another pound this week!  Getting close!!
  • I am 3 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, goal #1.
  • 2 pounds to go to goal #2, my final goal.
  • Right now I weigh about 127 lbs.  
  • *For reference, my highest pregnancy weight was 162, my pre-pregnancy weight was 130 and my goal weight is 125*
How Is Daddy?
  • Kevin is doing good.  He is also very happy with our choice of a sitter which makes the whole deal much easier.  He actually gets the good end of the stick too because he gets to pick baby girl up!  Lucky guy!
Any appointments, visitors or outings?  Anything else new?
  • We finally got our information for our appointment for the sweat test.  Details on this later, but in a nutshell... November 1st... any spare prayers would be appreciated.
  • Cloth diapering is still going great!! 
  • Love: My breast pump (Medela Freestyle) and hands free pumping bra.  I was really nervous about being able to make pumping at work... well... work.  I am a floor nurse, so I don't exactly have lots of time to spare.  Actually I have zero time to spare.  I have been able to sneak off to a closet in the middle of each shift and pump... get this... WHILE I do my charting.  This is a huge help!
  • Hate:  Baby socks.  So pointless.  They do not stay on for more than 5 minutes... ever.  Can't they put the sticky stuff on the inside so they stay put??  Sheesh.
Any upcoming developments, milestones?  What's next?
  • Next appointment for Kennedy is at the end of November.
  • First full day at the sitters tomorrow.  Good thing is since I am working day shift I will get to be home for dinner an bath time.  I love dinner and bath time!
Picture Time!!