Kennedy is quite the talker.  Every day she surprises me with words she has learned (unfortunately a few I wish she would un-learn) and her ability to use them in context.  Just like any kid, she has adopted her own unique way of saying certain things and, before she learns the proper way to pronounce them, I want to make a note of all of the adorable things she says that make me smile.
  • Beefurfly (butterfly)
  • Farkle (sparkle)
  • Freshel (special)
  • Elfafent (elephant)
  • Popsasicle (popsicle)
  • Me turn (my turn)
  • "Do you wanna build a Noman?"
  • Buppy buppies (Bubble Guppies)
  • Oopsie doopsie (Oopsie daisy)
  • 'Punzel (Rapunzel)
  • Eeenicorn (Unicorn)
  • Punce upon a time (Once upon a time)
  • Fuz (Because)
  • Kevin will ask "What will you always be?" and Kennedy responds "Little Daddy's Girl".  Melt.