Kennedy's 16 Month Check In

So I guess I am trying to age my baby faster than she needs to... all week I have been telling everyone that she is 17 months old, and I didn't realize that I am a month ahead until I sat down to write this post.  Oops!  Blame it on the mom brain!  Well... anyhow... Kennedy still isn't feeling 100%, but I am pretty sure we are on the up swing from this yucky bug that has been plaguing our house for the past month.

November has been lots of fun with Thanksgiving and our first real snow of the year.  We enjoyed a walk through Lights on the Lake and some great Black Friday shopping!


How Big Is Baby?
  • Kennedy is 20 pounds and change.  Her weight gain has tapered off, which is normal as her activity level increases and her appetite slows.
  • We are in winter wear now, all size 18 months and up.  Some of the 18-24 month tops/sweaters are a little big, but there is no point to buy any smaller since she will only grow.
  • Size 5 and 5/6 shoes.  The 5/6 slippers are a little big, but they are just to wear around the house so it's ok.  Her size 5 TOMS are getting small, but I am going to save the 6s for warmer weather. 
  • Full time cloth diapering.  Smalls and one-sizes.  I did break out a few of her mediums, just to try on, but they don't get much use yet.

Development & Milestones
  • Running, running, running.  This kid doesn't walk anywhere any more.
  • She has been using the potty a lot this month.  She still will not tell us when she has to go, but if we ask her, she will answer.  We have had a few days with very few accidents, but it means putting her on the potty almost every hour.  We are still trying to get her ot tell us when she needs to go.
  • Her language development blows me away!  She signs almost 40 words and speaks about 25.  Kevin has done a wonderful job teaching and encouraging her signing and speaking.  She is becomming quite the little chatterbox.
  • The tooth count is up to 14 or 16 now.  It's hard to count, but she almost has a full set.  The molars finally broke through, and then a few more followed within a few days.  No wonder why she has been Miss Misery off and on... that's a lot of teeth to cut at once!

  • Nursing has been out saving grace this month.  Between the teething and being sick, nursing was the one constant I could count on to comfort her when nothing else worked.  What a wonderful, beautiful thing it is to be able to nurse and soothe your hurting little one.  I am so thankful for our extended nursing relationship.
  • The pump is long gone!  I am finally comfortable throughout a 12 hour shift and even up to 18 hours or so if need be.  It's amazing that I can go that long and be fine, then on my days off nurse around the clock if K needs it.  The nursing mama's body is a pretty cool thing.
  • K's diet has been so-so this month.  She has really enjoyed frozen fruit more than anything, because it is soothing on her sore gums.  She also loves popcorn (her special treat with daddy on mommy's work nights).


  • Sleep has been about the same.  She still sleeping about 10 hours/night, but continues to wake once, sometimes 2-3 times/night.  One of these days she will sleep through the night.  Maybe.
  • Naps were ok.  She is still consistent with one nap/day, but she has started ot vary the time of that nap... I'm not a fan.  She used to go down somewhere between 11 and 1 for about 2-3 hours... now there are days she is ready to nap by 10am and other days that she has fought and fought and fought until 4pm.  Makes me crazy!  I am hoping to get on a more consistent nap schedule soon.

Mommy & Daddy Check In
  • It's hard to believe that we are getting ready to celebrate our second Christmas with our baby girl.  Just wow!
  • Finally, after 2 years without (not that I missed her), dear old AF showed up.  We are ready to start working on Baby #2.  :)  I will try to not update the gory details of our TTC journey, but I'm excited to at least cross the starting line and had to share.  :)
  • Otherwise... work is work and school is school.  We are both looking forward to planning a much-needed break in the spring.

Any appointments, visitors or outings? Anything else new?
  • October 30 15 month check up
  • Veteran's Day weekend trip to Pittsburgh
  • Lights on the Lake walk through with Lucy
  • First snow of the year!  And LOTS of it!
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday shopping

Product Rave:
  • Not to sure this month...

Any upcoming developments, milestones? What's next?
  • Next appointment will be 18 months in January